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HS Jumping Nutty How high can you get?
0 0   209
HS Jungle Hunt Be politically incorrect. Hunt virtual animals in the virtual jungle!
0 0   411
HS Jungle Escape Get to the top of the Jungle, collecting the key on the way.
0 0   235
HS Jungle Kid Swing from vine to vine, collecting the fruit to score extra points and using the lily pads to bounc...
0 0   234
HS Super Kickups Click the ball to keep it in the air
0 0   446
HS Kill Tweety Kill that annoying beast!
0 0   229
HS Kill The Pop ups Close As many of the Pop Ups as you can
0 0   423
HS Klingemon Gotta Get 'em All!
0 0   196
HS Knockturn Alley You play as Harry Potter, after being pulled into Knockturn Alley by a trick-portkey. Now you mu...
0 0   380
HS Classroom Fighter Throw chalk at your teacher and dodge what he throws at you as well.
0 0   425
HS Let M`Roll Catch the heads before they hit the ground for points, but don`t drop more than five!
0 0   226
HS Lotads Lament Lotad being the good fellow he is sees the falling Pineco and attempts to rescue them! But Pineco`s...
0 0   216
HS Lord of the Rings Battle You are Gandalf the Grey battling for all of Middle Earth.
0 0   342
HS Lumpy Artist How many steps can you take without falling?
0 0   202
HS Major Slant Can you get the ball thru the maze?
0 0   199
HS Harry Potter: The Marauder`s Map Guide Harry through the maze levels.
0 0   143
HS Marble Mayhem Collect each of the letters that make up the words on each of the 3 levels in the fastest possible t...
0 0   193
HS Mario`s Time Attack Princess Peach is on the other side of the desert. She needs some fresh water. Bring it to her b...
0 0   373
HS Matrix Dock Defense The game starts with four APU Units on the dock. Sentinels will attack from a breach in the dock...
0 0   395
HS Metal Arm FAWEGE Use your mechanical fighter to smash up the robot opponent, uppercut, jab, block and power attac...
0 0   402

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