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HS Hunga Hatch Match 3 or more colours!
0 0   655
HS Hungry Space Its an Alien-Eat-Alien world out there, eat smaller aliens while avoiding being todays lunch from th...
0 0   402
HS Hybrid Fighter Space invaders style game, with power ups!
0 0   375
HS Hyper Doughe How far can you travel?
0 0   369
HS Hydro Blast Blast the underwater dangers
0 0   417
HS Square Bear Reversi The classic strategy game. Can you beat Square Bear?
0 0   497
HS Ice Hockey Score As many goals as you can!
0 0   386
HS If Pigs Can Fly How many king size butties can you make?
0 0   502
HS Mime Mayhem Hate Mimes ? Well shoot them from a cannon.
0 0   349
HS infect.evolve.repeat. Your mission is to survive by infecting red blood cells while avoiding white blood cells and antibio...
0 0   360
HS Interabot Collect all the gold rings to proceed to the next level. Stay away from the enemy and jump over the...
0 0   375
HS Invaders 2002 A old school space invader game but in are time
0 0   365
HS Invasion of the galactic goobers Space invaders type game
0 0   326
HS IQ Jumper Jump from block to block and find your way to the exit without over-using the blocks.
0 0   452
HS Island Bowling Bowling Game
0 0   313
HS Island Hop Help Gilligan get the gang off the island by lighting a signal fire before a passing ship slips out...
0 0   363
HS Island Shot It`s sink or swim on the island. Can you "sink" enough baskets to win this game?
0 0   351
HS Island Mini-Golf Play 18 holes of miniature golf on Gilligan`s Island.
0 0   374
HS Iso-Infected Try to collect all gems and to reach the last room at the bottom of the map.
0 0   419
HS J20 Had a few to drink? Well then lets see how good your aim is.
0 0   432

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