Icy Madness
Playing as one of the coolest vehicles, a Zamboni, clean the hockey ri…
21 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Cannon Runner
Run around as a little cannon flying your way past obstacles and killi…
28 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Capture The Flag 2
Capture your enemies flag, try and return it to you base to score
22 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Random Defense
Another fun defense game. What are you defending? Who knows...
122 plays  Overall rating: 3  

Phantom Mansion: Red
Try and make it through all 22 levels using keys, crates and switches …
61 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Johnny Rocketfingers
If you get stuck someplace, just take your time and look around REALLY…
79 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Industry 2
This is another exciting, interactive adventure game where you have to…
34 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Nameless Game
Massive Adventure game, with Creative Original Levels and Adventures.
67 plays  Overall rating: 5  

Moon Ball
New version of arkanoid, but with the moon. Try to gain powerups and e…
19 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Dojo Delivery Dash
Deliver the lunch in time and avoid your lunch being stolen
49 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Jaba The Zit
Pop as many acne as possible within the time allocated
23 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Star Island
Make your way around the island and collect the stars and open your pa…
48 plays  Overall rating: 0  

HS Square Bear Reversi
The classic strategy game. Can you beat Square Bear?
227 plays  Overall rating: 0  

This is a nice Blackjack games that allow playing upto 5 hands at once
188 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Sign of Zodiac
This is a 5 column, 3 reels slot machine with Zodiac theme
245 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Hit21 Deluxe
Easy to learn, easy to play but can you get a top score in this exciti…
144 plays  Overall rating: 5  

Girl Makeover41
Design a perfect look for this sweet girl, don't forget to click on he…
31 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Party Makeup 05
Party Makeup 05: Get this girl ready for an all night party out with h…
29 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Make Over The Princess
Makeover The Princess: Help this star do her makeover and don't forget…
35 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Christmas Outfit
Christmas Outfit: What are you in for this coming Christmas? Don't wor…
31 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Slayer vs Xiao Xiao
Stick Slayer vs Xiao Xiao Movie
25 plays  Overall rating: 0  

The Deadly Velt
Destroy our enemy, the Deadly Velt
14 plays  Overall rating: 0  

King of Fighters
A nice retro-style classic fighting/beat 'em up game from the mid 1990…
24 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Clown Kill
This is an awesome shoot'em up game in which you have to kill as many …
15 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Switch the jewels around to line up 3 in a row.
129 plays  Overall rating: 5  

Quick Stack
Quick Stack is a different sort of bricks game where you place them on…
24 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Guide a bright little orb through a dangerous pathway in the dark Spac…
26 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Marble Mayhem
Try to fit the ball into the hole. Watch out for the edges, or your ba…
28 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Assassination Simulator
One hell of a work out should you ever be called on for an Assassinati…
47 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Shooting Targets
This is a first person shooter games. Shoot everything accept the tedd…
40 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Smileys War
Awesome platform shooting game in which you have to face against other…
37 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Throwing Donuts
Use left and right to move the clown guy around and use spacebar to th…
24 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Parallel Park
How fast can you parallel park?
1668 plays  Overall rating: 5  

Furry Buzz
Buzz your furry friends following given sequence
466 plays  Overall rating: 5  

Falafel King
Make the food as fast as possible, these people are hungry!
435 plays  Overall rating: 3  

Hit as many orange orbs as possible, until time runs out.
341 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Skate through the city to catch a friend.
34 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Try to save as many shots on goal as possible.
63 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Slap Shot
Move the mouse left and right over the player and click to shoot the p…
32 plays  Overall rating: 0  

This is a game where you need to jump most of the time. Avoid the bubb…
26 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Starcraft 2008 - SCFA5 SE…
New and Improved Starcraft Special Edition 2008! In SCFA5 SE 2008 you …
529 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Destroy castles using eight different types of unit, ranging from infa…
77 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Move both red and blue dots into their proper places.
52 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Warthog Launch
Aim, power up and move around your jeep to blast it into the sky and h…
47 plays  Overall rating: 0  

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