A simon memory type game
20 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Batman The Caper
Play as Batman and battle a medley of miscreants to save Gotham from T…
46 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Operation Slaps
The old school ground combats of slaps is revived in this flash game, …
23 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Place the bars on stage and fill horizontal or vertical lines for the …
17 plays  Overall rating: 0  

eater egg hop
Help Hopper collect easter eggs and baby chicks to become an official …
94 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Spongebob's Bubble Bustin
Don't let Spongebob get too freaky! Hence you have to pop as much bubb…
166 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Ocean Explorer
Score points by taking under water photos of cool and exotic fish. The…
85 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Tactics Core RPG
Play this cool turn based RPG flash game. Move your units to the avail…
193 plays  Overall rating: 0  

HS Pingu Sports!
The plucky little penguins are trapped under the ice - you`ll need tim…
91 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Presidential Knockout
Try to knock out either of the Presidential candidates
24 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Sky Shooter
Avoid the enemies for as long as possible. Power-ups will appear which…
27 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Break Blocks
Another Arkanoid/Breakout type clone
29 plays  Overall rating: 0  

HS Mood Match
Find 2 pairs of the same face
114 plays  Overall rating: 5  

Hit21 Deluxe
Easy to learn, easy to play but can you get a top score in this exciti…
143 plays  Overall rating: 5  

High Rollers
Players roll a set of dice in order to knock the nine "big number…
178 plays  Overall rating: 1  

Spin to Win
Single reel slot machine
305 plays  Overall rating: 5  

Roiworld Dress Up Game 37
Roiworld Dress Up Game 37
32 plays  Overall rating: 0  

At The Beach
At The Beach: Dress up for a day at the beach. You can even pick a dog…
35 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Happy 02
Happy 02: Make this doll happy! How? Get her a fabulous combination of…
31 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Dress up Tinkerbell 8
Here is your chance to dress up Tinkerbell
27 plays  Overall rating: 0  

HS Let M`Roll
Catch the heads before they hit the ground for points, but don`t drop …
44 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Prove how strong you are in this Weightlifting game.You click the mous…
18 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Rotate the blocks and match up the sides of colors to remove them. Rem…
14 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Bank Robbery
The town bank is being robbed. Shoot the robbers before they shoot you…
17 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Jail Escape
Find your way out of the jail cell by using logic.
40 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Click on the colored buttons according to the sequence the puzzle disp…
39 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Classic windows game mine sweeper click on the squares but try not to …
22 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Street Fighter
A nice fighting game were you have special powers and fight like a nin…
84 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Damn Birds
Take down as many birds as possible. Use your wealth wisely to improve…
381 plays  Overall rating: 5  

Combat Instinct
You are being exposed to extreme radiation. Find a Decontamination cha…
42 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Zombie Erik
Use your mouse to move the gun and left click to fire pistol rounds at…
63 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Tratical Assasin
find missions and beat them
497 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Hit as many orange orbs as possible, until time runs out.
336 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Multiball is a game in which you must keep your circles away from the …
393 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Ball Balance
A frustrating game where you try to keep two balls from falling at onc…
326 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Parallel Park
How fast can you parallel park?
1665 plays  Overall rating: 5  

dc8p Fishwater Challenge
Collect as many fish as you can in 30 seconds. Be careful of those log…
33 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Stan Skates
Stan is a skateboarder. Help him skate through the streets.
31 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Super Fishing
Fish as many as as you can before time runs out! …
52 plays  Overall rating: 5  

Skate X Game
This game is pretty addictive. Crazy Game! You are a skateboard X Game…
263 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Burger Restaurant
Make milkshakes, hamburgers, French fries and get your restaurant to t…
98 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Final Fortress
The enemy is approaching our city and only a single Final Fortress sta…
61 plays  Overall rating: 0  

Covert Front Episode 2
Agent Kara continues on her adventure in the sequel to the hit Covert …
69 plays  Overall rating: 0  

CC-Stealth Wars
Use your cunning stealth and sneak around corners to get past guards.
45 plays  Overall rating: 0  

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